Email is an incredibly useful tool and in most cases, critical to business survival. With this in mind, delivering email capability can often be a burden on an organisations ICT resources. Licensing, hardware and Data Centre costs all add to the overall cost of delivery and this is before consideration is given to the cost of running the service. tolomy can provide this service, securely and all for one easy to manage fee per user per month. With minimum Capex costs, organisations can turn the service up or down as they wish to meet demands or stand up temporary capabilities.

Importantly, the service follows tolomy's traditional service model, security at its core. The service is designed primarily to meet Government requirements for Impact Level 2 and 3 (BIL2, 3) data. Using our secure infrastructure and hosting capabilities, underpinned by Accreditation and our partner alliance with sister company Acentria IT, tolomy's Secure Email as a Service ensures your business critical email resource stays secure and highly functional. This is a prime consideration regardless of the mode of access, this includes: