tolomy's PaaS takes another step up the Cloud ladder providing additional layers of complex management and security above and beyond IaaS. The more you hand-off, the more you can focus on the core of your business, diverting investment where it’s served best.

tolomy's PaaS enables us to provide management of your IaaS tenancy, reducing the burden on your organisations own internal IT staff meaning that the uptime availability provision is leveraged to ensure any failures are handled appropriate and in accordance with agreed procedures.

To provide an understanding of tolomy's PaaS service description, the following bullets will help provide an understanding of the services we provide:

Windows/Linux as a service with standard management
This service model provides a GPG 13 Protectively Monitored platform with a Managed Service wrap around the Operating System, providing full monitoring, alerting and break fix functions up to and including the Operating Systems. The service is suited for an organisation that requires retaining management and monitoring of all their applications. tolomy would provide a fully resilient, stable and supported platform for those teams to focus on delivering the applications to their end users.
Windows/Linux as a service with enhanced management
This service builds on top of the standard service offering but with the Enhanced offering, tolomy will monitor the application and business processes, as well as management of the OS. This platform is ideal for customers who wish to have tolomy maintain their infrastructure and provide a Platform as a Service with a full Pan Government Accredited Operating System. This platform would still allow for "in-house" IT teams or 3rd party application vendors to provide support for the middleware and application layers.
DB as a Service with enhanced management
tolomy can provide a managed SQL and MySQL database service. Our DBA's will manage all infrastructure aspects of your database environment including SQL infrastructure related maintenance activities such as backups and patching. Our DBA's will manage break fix functions of the database as well as taking on RFS activities for non-break-fix.
Protective monitoring as a service
Protective Monitoring has various meanings in IT Security terms, but it is best known as a specific term used by UK Government (also known as Good Practice Guide 13, or GPG13) to refer to a set of recommended processes and technologies aimed at improving risk profiles and reducing Cyber Risk. In other words, Protective Monitoring provides essential oversight of IT systems across the whole enterprise. tolomy provides Protective Monitoring such as information security control activities as inspecting firewall logs, investigating operating system security alerts and monitoring Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Protective Monitoring also includes putting in place mechanisms for collecting ICT log information and configuring ICT logs in order to provide an audit trail of security relevant events of interest.